Digital Asset Creation

Behr Bros. is devoted to producing high quality digital assets. To achieve this objective, we combine the most advanced technology and world-class creative talent.

The experience of our team enables us to create quite anything you can imagine. Whether you need an extremely detailed airplane, a vehicle modelled meticulously to the smallest detail, a low polygon game asset or a photo realistic character just contact us.

CAD Data Preparation

Behr Bros. offers CAD data conversion and preparation services. With our years of experience we are able to create CAD data conversions tailored exactly to your needs. No matter if you need a close-up ready high resolution model or a low polygon game asset, we know what to do. Let us do the sometime extremely tedious clean-up work. If needed we can also fix the CAD data itself before it get converted. By adding missing parts like soft surfaces, details like stitches, UVs, textures and materials we provide you the perfect asset for your rendering and animation task.

3D Scanning Services

Behr Bros. offers high class 3D scanning services. Utilizing a wide range of 3D scanners we can scan quite everything ranging from very small jewellery over humans up to big objects like complete cars. Scanning can be done in house at Behr Bros. or on location. No matter if you need the data for reverse engineering tasks or to create assets for a real time game, we will always have the suitable hardware to fit your needs.

Class A CAD Surfacing

Multiple years of experience in using industry standard software tools enable us to guarantee highest quality class a surfaces for every project. Whether you need the surfacing for rather small interior parts or the surfacing for a complete vehicle exterior, we are your partner. By working closely together with the design and construction departments of our customers we ensure the best possible results. Our in-house 3D scanning department gives us even more flexibility in getting your design transferred into class a surfaces.